Interviewing in the 21st century.

Back in the 90's, once you applied to a job, you'd receive a call back from a genuine human being excited you responded to their advertisement for the #job role.

Speeding forward to 2019, leveraging #contacts and following up with your #hiring #manager is pretty close to stalking. Reaching out to your #network, a #colleague, old friend, best friends dog walker, random stranger, or frequent guy you see at Starbucks can be very useful.

How do you #connect with someone to gain #employment? Feeling #awkward asking for help?


Companies build referral #bonus just for these situations... meaning, you don't loose a thing and your buddy who's referring you gains a nice little #bonus check for putting your resume on the top of the hiring list.

But how do you approach these people and or companies without sounding like a stalker or turning them off with your excitement for the role?

Its easy! Email, LinkedIn and a good old fashioned phone call.

Here are 6 ways to NAIL your phone interview

1. Do your research In order to be considered as a top contender, you need to be as prepared. Start Researching their Website, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Google Search. You'd be surprised what you find.

2. Get Tactical - Print out the job description and your resume. Put together a side by side comparison. Highlight areas that you may have questions about and need more clarification.

3. Remember first impressions are everything - Believe it or not, your tone of your voice changes when you smile, it makes you sound friendlier and inviting. Have a good smile during your interview.

4.  Slow down speed racer Your first call is going to be used as a pre-screen with someone in human resources that is reading from a script. Unable to answer "in the weeds" questions and incapable of going off #topic on the role. Don't forget they are taking notes as they speak to you to relay that information to a hiring manager.

5. Don’t ramble – Be able to #articulate. Don't jump around with your communication. Follow their lead, do not take over the conversation.

6. Send a thank you follow up– Sending a Thank You to the interviewer, let them know that you are excited about the opportunity is very simple but critical step.

Remember, your phone #interview is the first #impression with an employer. Keep the interviewer engaged and let them know your ready to get started!

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