Real-Talk: Resume Do's and Don'ts

Your #resume isn't just a record of your experience, its a brand message that identifies to an employer, that you are an important part of their corporate growth.

The content in your resume can make the difference between getting an #interview for the desired position and being dismissed as a #candidate. One step in the right direction is hiring a company that has made candidate elevation and career growth their specialty.

Did you know that there is such a thing as information overload? As a candidate myself, I wanted to ensure that the employer knew my worth, however, the overload of content in your resume, the more likely an employer will put it into the "pass" basket.

I've been a #hiring manager for over 15 years, and to this day, I only have time to scan the first few paragraphs of a resume. Consider all hiring manager have 90 seconds to review your "pitch".

Career Objective

The #career objective is such an old term. Its 2019, Objectives don't exist. Your Objective needs to be compelling. A story that will excite and deliver impact..

Work History

You should only show up to 10 years MAX on your resume, anything passed that timeline is outdated in multiple areas such as: Software, Processes, Laws... If you want to show you've worked your whole life, go for it, but do it in condensed form and separate it from your current experience.

Weak Details and Minimal Impact

How you describe your experience in each role will provide your prospective hiring manager with not only your personality but also your work ethics. Using “I” a lot in your resume doesn't highlight your experience in the right light. We are #superheros in the #office, but we need to collaborate to get there. Think about starting your statements in a "Telegram style" with action words that grab the attention to your qualifications for the position. Its corny but it works when you are writing a resume, there is no "I" in team.

Paragraph Management

A hiring #manager may spend less than a minute reading your resume, which is likely one of many from the stack on their desk. That leaves little time to make an #impression. You should only have paragraphs in strategic places and use bullets to highlight relevant points.


The use of photos on resumes has become extremely #trendy! I can't lie, it looks pretty cool. However, its only applicable if your applying for something you need to rely on your face. Have you ever thought you'd be marketing yourself on a resume with a custom picture? In most cases, your hiring manager is going to search for your on #LinkedIn and stalk your social media pages. Don't be shy... just don't have a picture of you doing something inappropriate on your profiles.

I also recommend using photos in your Portfolio or Executive Bio.

Sitting on a thrown of lies.....

There is recent survey, 85% of human resources managers say they’ve caught a lie on a candidate’s resume.  There’s no reason to exaggerate your career experience to a hiring manager if you’re confident in the work you’ve done. I have to say though, the one that burns my bum is "Proficient in MS Word, Excel and Outlook".


Don't add your references into your resume, it seems efficient but its premature and causes ATS software to reduce your compatibility score.

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